Random Thoughts - 2/27/15

Here are all of the latest Random Thoughts. It appears that the random thoughts are rather slim this time. Maybe I need to exercise my random thinker more.

If you examine the lyrics, “Let It Snow” and “Sleigh Ride” are really just songs about snow. Nothing in there about Christmas at all. So why do we only sing or play them before Christmas and not after Christmas when most of us are more likely to get snow?

Except for going upstairs to work, today has been a sedentary day. In other news, Magnum P.I. caught the bad guy while we ate lunch.

Isn’t it nice how TV shows get everything worked out in under an hour? Or under two hours if it is “to be continued”?

Getting all sorts of spam emails lately about “honors” I have “won”. Yay, I’m famous.

We didn’t watch the Oscars last night to see the movie industry patting themselves on the back. The ticketgoers pay their bills, after all.

I have always wondered why the Cleveland Browns use orange as their main color. Why not brown? Or is that just too obvious?

I was going to wash my car to get the salt off, but now there’s another Winter Weather Advisory for tomorrow. So the salty car remains.

So either it is going to snow quite a bit here this afternoon or not at all. Depending on which forecast you look at.

Whatever will we watch now that Agent Carter has ended? Oh yeah, Agents of SHIELD! Looking forward to that one starting back up next week.

That’s it for this time. Maybe there will be more Random Thoughts the next time around. Be sure to check Burnsland on Twitter for all the latest!

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