Random Thoughts - 2/20/15

Time for some more Random Thoughts - an extra long edition since none were posted last week! You can thank me later.

Why is calling something “cheesy” so often a bad thing? I happen to really like cheese, and I wouldn’t want to hurt its feelings.

Waiting for a pot of water to boil. Trying not to watch it.

Just when I said I was going to cut out morning snacks, my coworker brought homemade pumpkin muffins. Wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

If I could invent self-cleaning glasses, I would be rich.

It was nice of the nation of Jordan to name themselves after Michael Jordan. Although I think it was just a ploy to try to get free shoes.

The sign said, “Positively No Loitering.” But it didn’t say anything about loitering negatively.

The next sound you hear will be my head banging the desk. BANG.

If it has to be Monday, at least it is a cloudy Monday. Those sunny Mondays are for the birds. 9 out of 10 birds prefer them, actually.

I’m so cool that the heat comes on when I enter a room. After I turn up the thermostat, of course.

In the future we will wonder how we ever survived without something that as of right now hasn’t been invented yet. Like self-washing hair.

Remember back in the old days when you just had to wind a watch to keep it running? Maybe we should have wind-up cell phones.

I wonder how much the Six Million Dollar Man would cost today, what with Obamacare and all.

Dear people, if you are shooting video with your phone, please do the world a favor and hold the phone in “landscape” mode. Love, Steve.

I just spelled “entertaining” with an “i”. As in “intertaining”. And for some reason, spellcheck told me that was wrong.

Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to see what the Valentine Cupid put in our stockings. Not our Christmas stockings; we put those up weeks ago.

Three words that bring much rejoicing to at least two thirds of the Burns household: No school tomorrow.

The important question of the day: Has the ice melted off the satellite dish enough that we can watch Agent Carter tonight?

Accomplishment of the day (besides some work stuff): Losing to Jaylin in the Monopoly NFL Fantasy Football edition.

Back to school tomorrow. Which means back to the office for me. Which means back to shaving again.

Day 3 of working from home was rather unexpected. But it beat getting out and driving on the slick streets this morning.

Hey, another winter storm watch for Friday. Yay.

You know it is cold out when you are happy that it ONLY got down to 13 degrees. Much nicer than the forecast of 5.

At least the sun is out today. That makes it feel 10 degrees warmer, right? Right?

Some people are persnickety. And some people just like to say “persnickety.”

That’s it for this time! Be sure to check Burnsland on Twitter for all the latest!

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