Random Thoughts - 1/30/15

Here are the latest Random Thoughts to come from completely out of left field. Or wherever random thoughts originate.

If it sounds like your car is dragging something along the street as you drive, you might have a problem. Just throwing that out there for a car who went through the intersection as I was sitting at a red light.

Once again, picking who I like in the Super Bowl, er, big game, is really more about picking who I dislike the least. If neither team wins, I would probably be fine with that, too.

Don’t even bother to ask me about the halftime “entertainment.” When will they choose someone who will actually be entertaining?

I wonder if farmers think the FarmersOnly.com commercials are as ridiculous as the rest of us think they are.

Maybe the President will come up with a plan to take snow from those who have lots and give some to those who have little or none.

Tonight’s lack of unproductivity has been brought to you by a very long Monday.

Regarding the last tweet, the double negative “lack of unproductivity” shows just how unproductive tonight has been.

Saw two vultures eating a dead skunk by the road. Things are tough all over.

So the Patriots think they did nothing wrong? Let’s deflate their tires by a few pounds and then see how they feel about it.

I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t be seeing the all-female Ghostbusters remake.

Nothing like the constant sound of a leaf blower to make the afternoon all the more pleasant.

We say fourth, sixth, seventh, etc., so why don’t we say, oneth, twoth, threeth? And fifth is marginal. Crazy English language.

Yes, person next door, now is a great time to hammer nails into the wall. I’m not doing anything important. Just work.

Be sure to check again at some random time in the future for more random thoughts!

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