Random Thoughts - 11/7/14

It is the return of the Random Thoughts! Mosey away as fast as you can!


Football announcer: “The defense is getting tired because they have been out there for so long.” Um, hasn’t the other team’s offense been out there for the same amount of time? And yet they keep scoring.

Always funny to see those ads that say, “Find your old yearbook online!” No thanks. I can just look at mine when I get home.

Whenever a news story mentions the World Health Organization, I always say, “WHO?”

Why do they call it “Fantasy Football?” In my fantasy, my team would win every week. But that’s not happening.

What do you call an extra skeleton? A bone-us.

Happy All Saints Day! When do the other football teams get their own days?

Ironic Walt Disney World News: “Blizzard Beach Closed Tomorrow Due To Cold Weather”

It is only November 3 and I have already seen a car with a red nose and antlers. That is just ridiculous.

On the way home, I almost hit a coyote. And I got a deer in the headlights look. From a deer.

The office next door was burning a scented candle. We found out the scent was called “Snowy Pine.” Said a co-worker, “What does snow have to do with the scent? Does snowy pine smell any different than non-snowy pine?” Good question.

I can almost understand stores playing Christmas music in early November to help holiday sales. But restaurants? Give me a break!

Rainy days are good nap days. Why haven’t we voted on mandatory naps on rainy days in any elections yet? I bet that one would win for sure.

It’s a good thing owls can’t drive cars. Otherwise, there would be a rapid rise in drive-by hootings.

I had a great idea for something this morning. But I forgot what it was. True story.

The fog arrived quickly tonight. Instead of rolling in, it teleported.

Welcome to Thursday: the only day of the week named after one of the Avengers.

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