Random Thoughts - 10/24/14

Time for some more random thoughts that might be too long for social media posts, or - new this time -might be lifted directly from social media posts to be preserved here for posterity. Or whatever.


Why do they call the game “football” when it mostly involves throwing or running with the ball? I think our European friends may be more on the right track by calling their game “football” instead of “soccer.”

How did Walmart get to be known as the place that attracts all the weird people? Besides the fact that it does, of course. Someone had to be the first one, though.

I saw a Mustang that had eyelashes on the headlights. I will feel sorry for it when all of the other muscle cars make fun of it.

You know how in the cartoons they have those glasses with eyes painted on them? Why doesn’t someone sell those? They could make a fortune.

A lightning bug was lying on the ground, still glowing but saying, “Too cold for a summer bug to fly!” That’s how you know fall has arrived.

In the future when we have cars that drive themselves, will they also yell at the other cars that pull out in front of them?

Why do we call things that hold our drinks coasters when in fact they don’t go anywhere? And wouldn’t it be pretty cool if they did coast across the table? Until they fall off and make a mess.

Yay! New Facebook notification! Boo! It’s just yet another game invitation. Why is it that I get so many invitations to games on Facebook? Do people think I am that easy to beat?

I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason to show up at the gas station in your pajamas. But I can’t imagine what it might be, sir.

One of these days, I am going to be brave enough to ask Mississippi about whatever happened to Mistersippi.

That’s all for this time. See, I told you they were random! Check back later for more.

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