Rainy Days

Yesterday was a rainy day. It seems like we haven’t had one of those in quite a while. In fact, MemphisWeather.net reported that for March 9 through May 6, their office gauge showed 3.83 inches of rain. And then from 10 PM on May 6 through noon on May 7, they received 4.79 inches. From not much to a whole lot!

I like rainy days. It is easy for me to say that, because we haven’t had much rain lately. But if we lived somewhere that received a lot of rain all of the time, I might not be so fond of the rain. Everything is relative, I suppose.

I like how the rain cools things off. Of course, that doesn’t help much in the winter months. And although it isn’t summer here yet, we were having some rather warm days until the rain cooled things off yesterday. From 85 one day to 68 the next day.

I also like the rain because it keeps me from having to cut the grass. Of course, in reality the rain makes the grass grow, which means that I have to cut it. But a rainy day gives me an evening off when I had been planning to cut grass when I got home, as I had originally planned to do yesterday. I’m still not complaining about that. Cutting the grass is actually fun in some ways, but having a break from it is nice, too.

As a kid, I never did like rainy days, especially during the school year. Rain meant that we couldn’t go outside for recess. For some reason, staying inside just wasn’t the same. I now know that the teachers usually felt the same way, too.

But now that I am older, I like the breaks and the relaxation that rain often brings.

As long as it doesn’t bring a big storm with it.