Rain at ʻAliomanu Beach in Hawaiʻi

Liquid Sunshine

Rain at Aliomanu Beach on the island of Kauai in Hawaii

Rain falls from the clouds off in the distance off the shore of ʻAliomanu Beach on the island of Kauaiʻi in Hawaiʻi, as seen during our 2018 Kauaʻi Trip.

The rain might look threatening here, but it was way out there, far away from where we were. And despite that shower off in the distance, we had what we would consider a near perfect day at the beach. The clouds fill up the frame in this photo, but there was actually more blue sky than clouds that day, except for in the direction that I took this photo. We did not mind the clouds at all.

Apparently, we have a “Rain in the Distance” theme going on this week, because this photo immediately follows the previous post Rain Behind the Yacht Club Resort at Walt Disney World. But we will let these two photos be all that there is for this theme. At least for now.

I actually did not plan that theme. Instead, those distant rain showers showed up in two completely separate photos that I chose almost randomly. Once I had finished working on the second one, I remembered the first one, which I had worked on several days earlier. Because of their similar element, I might as well post them together, don’t you think?

Good Rain

So often, people talk about rain as if it is a bad thing. Yes, I know it can ruin what you might consider a “perfect” day. And it can make your clothes all wet and soggy. That goes for anything else that is out in the rain, too. Or if your house is not watertight, that can cause a real problem.

But rain is also a blessing. Just ask anyone who has lived in a drought area before. We need rain to make the grass grow, to make the flowers bloom, and to give us water to drink. Water is a necessity. Pretty nice when something that we consider a necessity just falls from the sky.

Whenever we get a big rain at our house, it creates lots of mud, especially right in front of the barn where the horses walk all of the time. The mud gets so thick in places that it can pull the boot right off of your foot. That can be pretty frustrating sometimes.

But when we do have a big rain like that, I try to stop and think, “At least the well won’t run dry!” Of course, I think I remember hearing that it takes almost 100 years for rain water to filter down through the ground to the well. So I probably will not be drinking the water from all the rain we have had this month. But it will be there for the next generation. Suddenly, I find myself hoping that they had some really rainy times 100 or so years ago, just so that we will have enough water, too.

There are a lot of things that can be considered good or bad, just like rain. Sometimes, it all just depends on your attitude about it. Look for the good in things, and you will almost always find it.

Bible Verse

Ask rain from the Lord in the season of the spring rain, from the Lord who makes the storm clouds, and he will give them showers of rain, to everyone the vegetation in the field. - Zechariah 10:1

About the Photo

This photo was one of my early experiments with Aurora HDR, which I have been using quite a bit lately. I particularly liked how it brought out the textures of the lava rocks in the foreground, while also emphasizing the rain shower in the distance. I also like the look of the trees at the left of the frame.

To me, this photo definitely captures the feeling that I felt when we were there at ʻAliomanu Beach. I would certainly love to go back sometime, and this photo reminds me of that.

Photo: A single Raw exposure, processed in Photoshop. Read more about photography tips, photo software, camera gear, and more at Steve’s Photography Tips.
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10
Lens: Rokinon 7.5mm f/3.5 Fisheye Lens
Date: July 9, 2018
_Location: _ ʻAliomanu Beach, Anahola, Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi

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