Quiet Week

It has been a quiet week here at the Burnsland Blog. Maybe you noticed that there haven’t been as many posts this week. That comes from two things: not having much to say, and not having much time to say it. Actually, I always have something to say. But in not having time to say it, I also didn’t have much time to think of what to say. All my available brain power has been focused in other directions, it seems. But here are a few random things flowing from my mind. Not long enough for separate posts, but too short for a quick Twitter post, too.

Clean up! I spent several minutes cleaning the counter in the office breakroom. There were several coffee stains and some spilled sugar on the counter. If you spill coffee, even if it isn’t much, shouldn’t you take the time to clean it up? I don’t even drink the stuff, but it bothers me enough to want to clean it up. And once I do, my paper towel doesn’t stick to the counter while I am toasting my sandwich for lunch. I guess you could always just go with the attitude that someone else will clean it up. Apparently, I am that someone else.

Keep it to yourself! The other day as I was driving on a cold morning, I saw a guy with his car window cracked so he could blow his cigarette smoke out the window. And when the cigarette wasn’t in his mouth, he was holding it out the window, too. Once he was finished with it, he flicked the still smoking cigarette butt out the window onto the street. Apparently, he didn’t want all that smoke in his car. Makes you wonder why he wanted it inside of him.

Hang on! Yesterday was a windy day. Not breezy. Windy. As in when a strong wind gust would blow, it would suck the office door open. Not a good day for wearing a hat outside. I would say it wasn’t a good hair day, but I really don’t have any experience with that. For a while, the wind was really picking up. I was just hoping it didn’t pick up my car and move it.

Slow down! I really do try to drive the speed limit, even when it is something ridiculous like 30 miles per hour. Because of that, I often get passed. No big deal - I will get there when I get there. But I do get a certain amount of glee from seeing a car that just passed me having to slow down quickly when they realize a law enforcement officer is coming their way. It’s the little things.

Slow down (part 2)! As I mentioned, this week has been particularly busy, although I am not sure why. No one in our family had a birthday this week. There weren’t any big school events to attend. Nothing unusual. Just a bunch of stuff. Makes me look forward to the weekend even more, and the chance to slow down and regroup. Hopefully, it won’t pass too quickly.

So there you have it - little slices of life from this past week. It makes me wonder what next week might hold.

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