Quiet Cove Pool on the Disney Fantasy

People enjoy the Quiet Cove Pool and the other nearby quiet areas on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship

People enjoy the Quiet Cove Pool and the other nearby quiet areas on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship, as seen during our 2022 Disney Cruise.

On this 2022 cruise, we spent more time in the adult areas than ever before. That was largely due to the fact that everyone in our traveling group was technically considered an adult, although three of them were still considered kids by us older adults. But areas like the Quiet Cove pool are less crowded than the family areas, so they do live up to their “Quiet” name.

It was nice and relaxing, although Quiet Cove was not totally quiet. In looking at this photo, I can remember some of the people actually talking to us when we spent some time in the pool. Nothing wrong with that, even though I am not always a “talk freely with strangers” kind of guy. But that’s okay.

Being an Adult

When people ask me what goes on in the adult areas such as Quiet Cove, thinking that it might be something spicy, my answer is, “Lots of napping.” Because the truth is that most of us adults really just want to slow down and relax instead of doing anything party-like.

So to all the kids out there who look forward to all of the freedom of being an adult: Most adults really want to use that freedom to do a lot of nothing. Once you do all of the adulting things of going to work every day, paying bills, driving kids everywhere, making sure there are meals to eat, finding your keys, and whatever else adults do, you often just want to sit and be quiet for a while.

Kids often say they are bored, even on a cruise with everything going on. As an adult, I look forward to being bored. It does not happen all that often, so I enjoy those times when I don’t have anything to do.

Being bored can be a blessing sometimes.

Side note: The above paragraphs remind me of a dearly departed man from our church who used to say, “Kids are baby goats. We raise children.” And every time I type “kids” I laugh to myself just a bit. Good memories.

Better is one handful with some rest than two hands full of toil and chasing the wind. - Ecclesiastes 4:6

About the Photo

This photo looks really good in color, as you might can imagine. Lots of blues, lots of reds. And some light clouds in the sky, too.

However, I was wanting to change things up just a bit. So this photo got the black and white treatment, and I really like it this way, too.

For me, the absence of color brings out all of the lines more. I like the lines of the railings and the lines of the stairs. And they contrast nicely with the curves of the pool and the circles of the windows. I like the reflection of the pool in the round windows, too. All of that was immediately more interesting to me when I converted the photo to black and white.

I still do not always feel comfortable converting a nice color photo to black and white. But sometimes it is good to get out of your comfort zone, just to change things up a little.

Photo: A single Raw exposure, processed in Raw Therapee. Read more about photography tips, photo software, camera gear, and more at Steve’s Photography Tips.
Camera: Sony Alpha A7 II
Lens: Rokinon 35mm f/1.8
Date: June 9, 2022
Location: Somewhere in the Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy

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