Quick Shots: Dressed Up For a Wedding



Here are two quick shots from this past Saturday. We were dressed up for an evening wedding, which just happened to be outside. I think it is a pretty brave act to schedule an outdoor wedding just about any time of the year around here. But except for being a little breezy and cool, it wasn’t that bad.

Jaylin and I both had on our bow ties, as you can see, although we didn’t get together beforehand and say, “What are you wearing? Let’s match!” And I kept my hat on for as long as possible, as I am now trying to minimize my sun exposure when I can. Because I don’t really need another visit with the dermatologist any time soon.

Anyway, the wedding was nice, the reception was nice for what we saw of it, and dinner at Wendy’s afterward was nice and quiet without a band and dancing. That’s more our speed.

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