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So today, the Christmas holidays are pretty much over, right? Most everyone is back to work. Most of the kids are back in school. Most of the stores have been completely wiped clean of their remaining Christmas merchandise. So that’s about all there is to it.

But the holidays were good, right? Presents, food, friends, food, family, food, football games, food. And maybe just a little bit more food thrown in for good measure. Is it any wonder that the number one New Year’s resolution every year is to diet? Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

We had a good Christmas at our house. We got back from Walt Disney World just in time for the annual family Christmas Eve gathering. Actually, we got back the day before that, but that gave us plenty of time to get ready for it. And of course, there was food involved - turkey, dressing, ham, squash casserole, and a bunch of other stuff. And family was there, too, of course.

And then Christmas Day started off with a visit from Santa, followed by a visit to church, because it was still Sunday morning, after all. We followed that with more family time, followed by another family gathering. And yes, we did eat that time, too.

Friends came over on Monday, another family gathering on Tuesday. Then fast forward a few days to time with friends on New Year’s Eve, and then church on New Year’s Sunday. Lots going on, as there always is this time of year.

Our house is starting to look a little more normal. We still have the Christmas trees and decorations up, of course. No need to take those down before the New Year starts - that just wouldn’t be right. At least not for us. But all of our new things that we were so generously given and for which we are so appreciative are starting to find their places, so that they aren’t just stacked all over the den.

Although it is always a little sad for Christmas to end and for things to get back to usual, I am always reminded of just how much we have to be thankful for. Gifts, friends, family - more than we can count. And of course, food, too.

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