Plume et Palette at Epcot / Pringles - Friend or Foe?

Plume et Palette at Epcot

One of the shops at France in Epcot’s World Showcase is Plume et Palette. Which I think translates as Pen and Palette. Although I took Spanish in high school instead of French. Anyway, it sounds like it would be an art store of some kind, but actually, it now sells perfume and such. But if most people know as much French as I do, they probably don’t think anything about it.

Anyway, this was another shot from our cloudy afternoon at Epcot. Which, of course, was just the right weather for some fun pictures.

Photo location: Epcot, Walt Disney World, Florida
A three-exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

Pringles - Friend or Foe?

The other day, I made the following post on Twitter and Facebook:

Ah, original flavor Pringles – are you my friend, or my enemy?

I got several replies, most all of which indicated that Pringles are friends. But I’m not so sure.

As I was walking by the pantry, I heard a noise from inside. I opened the door, and there was the can of Pringles. It said to me, “Hey, Steve! How about a nice, salty, crunchy Pringle?”

“No way,” I said. “Besides, there isn’t such a thing as a ‘Pringle’. It’s plural – Pringles. Because I can’t have just one. No one can.”

“Oh, no. You can have just one. It’s no problem at all.” I looked again, and it was actually that white-faced guy with the big mustache on the can talking to me. I wonder if he has a name.

“No,” I replied. “Besides, I’m not really hungry at all. Why would I eat if I’m not hungry?”

“You know you like them,” said the white-faced guy. “Just one. It won’t hurt anything.”

So finally, I gave in. Just one Pringle. Except it isn’t called a Pringle. They are Pringles for a reason. So I didn’t eat just one. I ate several. They were good. And I was happy.

And then the white-faced guy said, “Oh well, at least you didn’t read the Nutritional Information.”

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. – 1 Chronicles 16:34

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