Observations of the Past Week (9/24-9/30)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. But you probably already knew that. Or didn’t care in the first place.

Heard a rooster crow. He was saying, “Why are you standing around listening to roosters? It’s Monday - get to work!” (Not that I speak rooster or anything.)

Nothing like the sound of the pest control guy’s compressor running right outside your office window. (So the pest control guy was being a pest?)

I picked a bad day to forget my sunglasses. (Not that I’m complaining about the sun shining.)

Why yes, I am ready for some football. Thanks for asking. (How does Hank Jr. always know?)

Today is just flying right on by! Actually, birds fly, days don’t. But you know what I mean. (Isn’t it interesting that flies fly, but birds don’t bird?)

Nightly game to play before entering the barn: Where’s the Big Spider? (Not sure what you get if you lose. Don’t want to find out.)

Jaylin: “There’s a girl that hits me every day.” Me: “Maybe that means she likes you.” Jaylin, disappointed: “Oh, great.” (And so it starts.)

In honor of National Ask a Stupid Question Day, here’s a stupid question: What makes a stupid question stupid? (That’s stupid, isn’t it?)

National Coffee Day? But I don’t even like coffee. (Stupid question: Who decides if it is National Coffee Day or Ask a Stupid Question Day, anyway?)

Ah, weather. 85 today, 75 tomorrow, 70 Saturday. Might be time for my thermal socks. (Have I mentioned how much I like the warm weather?)

We are sitting at the football field, and I got a reminder on my phone that there is a game tonight. At least I’m in the right place. (Maybe I should make it remind me before I should actually be there.)

Big construction noise outside the office window today, coming from down the street. Sounds like they keep crashing a truck. Over and over. (Or maybe the demolition derby moved in next door.)

“If only you would shut up and let that be your wisdom!” - Job, speaking in Job 13:5, Holman Christian Standard Bible (Words to live by. That’s all I’ll say.)

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