Observations of the Past Week (9/18-9/24)

Here are the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. The views and opinions expressed here are every bit those of Burnsland.com. Any resemblance is purely intentional.

More rain! Just what we have been needing. Even if it means I will have to cut the grass again. (Have I mentioned how dry it has been here? I have? Well, it still is.)

School principal: “I need help moving this. I was trying to think who around here lifts weights, and I thought of you.” Hmmm. (Chalk another one up for my manly physique. Now off to lift weights.)

Events of the past few days have made me think that perhaps I’m not such a big fan of change after all. (Although I am in favor of changing socks.)

Continuing education today. First topic: Latest Trends in Ductile Iron Pipe. Who says engineers are boring? (Just wait until they bring out the disco ball!)

Seminar break. Going to get something to paint eyes on my glasses. (That always works in the cartoons, right?)

Who knew that using UV to kill germs in the air would be the most interesting topic at the seminar. (Even if he did start out with the ominous “Germs are everywhere!”)

Even a well padded chair is only comfortable for so long. (And breaks seem to get farther and farther away.)

Another exciting football game. And the won by one point! The chain gang did an excellent job, too. (Makes me think of that old “Working on the Chain Gang” song. Although these men didn’t make those sounds.)

Sitting on the front porch eating supper. Listening to the insects in the woods. And off in the distance, a rooster. Who can’t tell time. (I would buy it a watch, but I don’t think it would help.)

Today, I saw a green ladybug. Was it not ripe yet? (Or is that what color they turn when they blush? Maybe it was just seasick.)

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