Observations of the Past Week (5/6/13)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook have arrived once again. Prepare for major hoopla. Or not.

Every time I hear “World Wide Web,” I feel like I am back in 1995. (Nothing like the good old days.)

The birds are singing loudly outside. I wonder if they take requests? (Do you know anything by Johnny Cash?)

Free for the taking: one skunk. If you can catch him, you can keep him. (Why weren’t there any takers on that deal?)

I saw a truck with a surfboard in the back. In Tennessee. (Taking that Surfin’ USA song way too seriously.)

Lunchtime is the oasis in the middle of the workday desert. (Which for some reason makes me want dessert.)

Tomorrow at the office, it is Dress Like Your Favorite Engineer Day. I wonder who I will choose? (I went with the old standby: me.)

Today is the National Day of Prayer. But if you only pray one day a year, you are way behind. (Shouldn’t every day be a day of prayer?)

Float like a decimal point, sting like a paper cut. #EngineeringThreat (Who remembers floating decimal points?)

Every day I learn that the things I think are funny aren’t necessarily funny to everyone else. (And yet I still post these things.)

Today, be thankful you aren’t driving south on Germantown Parkway. Unless of course you are. (I wasn’t.)

Why isn’t meteorology the study of meteors? I think meteorologists would have an easier time predicting those. (But if they are wrong, the consequences might be much worse.)

If it gets much colder, I’m going to have to get out the Christmas decorations. (Haven’t yet, but I’m getting close.)

Don’t tell Glenn Frey, but at our house the heat is on. (Interesting to see who got that one. It’s an 80s thing.)

I want my global warming back. (Paging Mr. Al Gore.)

I was on the step stool, and Laura said for me to get down. So I did, or at least I tried. #toowhite (It probably wasn’t a pretty picture.)

Watched the Kentucky Derby, and then watched our horses in the pasture. Ours are just fine. (Maybe not worth as much, but not as much trouble, either.)

The end of the weekend is not as exciting as the beginning. (Isn’t that always true?)

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