Observations of the Past Week (5/5-5/11)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook are glad that the weekend is over. Well not really, but they keep telling themselves that.

I’m hot. Of course, I mean from cutting the grass. (The rest goes without saying.)

I’m at a dance. Oh wait, it is a dance recital - I don’t personally have to dance. I’m relieved. (You would probably be relieved, too. I can’t dance.)

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. Today is the lesser known Seis de Mustard. Yes, I use that joke every year. (It never gets old, at least not for me.)

It sure is dark outside for 8:30AM. Even darker if I close my eyes. (Everything is darker if I close my eyes.)

I love a rainy day. But not enough to marry it. (Most states prohibit that, anyway.)

Everyone is always in such a hurry. I would say more, but I gotta run! (Evidently, everyone includes me.)

It is another cold day here in the office. I opened the refrigerator door to get warm. (The penguins that live inside the refrigerator and make the ice said, “Hey! Close the door!”)

Yes, I am wearing a Hawaiian shirt today. No, I am not going to the beach today. Yes, I have already been asked that. (Maybe I should have a button made.)

To kid running in the school hallway: Slow down! Running will only get you to your school class sooner. What’s the point in that? (Unless, of course, you are running with scissors.)