Observations of the Past Week (5/20/13)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook are here once again. As if they would be somewhere else.

At Walmart earlier, the gate at the nail place was all the way down. Woman walked up and yelled to the person inside, “Are you closed?” (No, we just like to make it more challenging for people to come in.)

Had to slow down because a beaver was crossing the road. Why did the beaver cross the road? (Insert your own punchline here.)

I keep looking out the window. It keeps being a beautiful day outside. I keep on being inside. Something’s wrong here. (Maybe I need to get a long extension cord for my computer.)

A dead mouse in the garage is better than a live mouse in the garage, right? (Definitely yes.)

I’m working on work at work, and it is taking some work. (Workin’ it.)

One bird is especially singy this morning. It is a mockingbird. I think it is mocking me. (And yes, “singy” is a word in my dictionary. Because I wrote it in there.)

There’s something I thought I would never see - a rainy Friday. Oh wait, this is like the third one in a row. (As long as the rain doesn’t change that it is Friday, I can live with it.)

My plans for the weekend are not to have any plans for the weekend. Unfortunately, I have already failed at that. (That is how most weekends go.)

I never watched a single episode of The Office. Maybe if I had, it wouldn’t have ended. It’s all my fault. (Sorry.)

But not really my fault, because I nave never watched Survivor or American Idol either, and they just won’t end. (Sorry again.)

I love sunny days. But on those days I am thankful for shade. (Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still take the sun. Just with a side of shade.)

We were without power for almost two whole hours. How did people ever survive a few hundred years ago? (I guess they spent a lot of time in the dark.)

Another good weekend is drawing to a close. I feel some quality time with the couch and television is in order. (Actually, the bed ended up calling louder than the couch did.)

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