Observations of the Past Week (5/13/13)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. One of the few good things about Mondays. Unless you don’t like them, of course.

They painted some walls in the office building over the weekend. My nose actually noticed it before my eyes did. Ah, paint fumes. (Goodbye, brain cells!)

The term “Speedy Checkout” is often an oxymoron. (Not that I am calling the cashiers morons or anything.)

On the piano, Jaylin is playing a song about some critter with fur named Elise. Must be Beethoven’s cat. (Although who would call their cat “Fur Elise”?)

I didn’t know that “unputdownable” was a word until I saw it in a book review. I’m still not convinced. (The jury is still out.)

Some days, “engineering” involves taping pages onto other pages so they print correctly. Who knew people still use tape? (Took me five minutes to find the tape.)

Strange search term leading to Burnsland for the day: “big golf ball looking monument.” Of course, they ended up at a Spaceship Earth photo. (That one came from the “search engine with the funny name.”)

I saw a car with a license plate from Panama. The country, not the beach in Florida. Cool. (Must have been an interesting drive.)

As we were driving last night, three turkeys flew over the road in front of us. Sort of. As much as turkeys can fly. (And yes, WKRP fans, turkeys can fly. A little.)

As we were leaving this morning, we saw the brightest, bluest blue bird I have ever seen. It was so bright that it must run on batteries. (Hopefully, they are the rechargeable kind.)

After the fall, God must really have been mad at Adam, because God created poison ivy and only gave Adam a loincloth. (Things to think about.)

This is the longest Friday ever in the history of Fridays. Or at least since last Friday. (And probably until next Friday.)

Nothing like a good springtime torrential downpour. (Hello, rain!)

Just saw a preview for one of the Ice Age movies on the Disney Channel. Aren’t there some good Disney movies they can show instead? (I can think of a few.)

Don’t you hate it when you check your email and you don’t have any new messages, so then you check again 5 minutes later and still nothing? (Wait, let me go check again.)

It has been a good day. Too wet to cut the grass. As I said, a good day. (Of course, that just makes the grass grow taller. Oh well.)

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