Observations of the Past Week (5/12-5/18)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook are enjoying the beautiful day outside. Unless it is raining, of course. And then they are grumbling about the rain. Fair weather Observations, they are.

Rained just enough to make it wet out, so it is a nice day for sitting on the front porch, listening to the birds. (That’s the way a Saturday should be.)

Hello, Monday morning! Where have you been all week? And hey, thanks for bringing the sun back, too. (Interesting how Monday often comes right when the cloudy days leave.)

Lunch time is like a friend that never overstays its welcome. Unfortunately. (You could always stay a bit longer, you know.)

I just love it when new stuff comes in the mail. (Especially if it is good new stuff.)

Last night I had a dream about playing the banjo. Not exactly sure what to make of that. (Hmm, maybe I should make my dream come true! It would have been something good to do while sitting on the front porch from a few posts above.)

I am the proud owner of a long drive home. Anyone care to join me? (Not complaining about it at all, though.)

Tonight, I walked a mile in my shoes. I feel like I know myself much better now. (Somehow though, I ended up right back where I started.)

My sinuses tell me they are cutting the grass outside. Of course, my ears tell me that from the mower noise, too. Putting my senses to work. (I even put “good sense” to work by going out to roll up the car windows so that grass wasn’t all in the car.)

Crisis averted - we found our CD of Mickey Unrapped. (Don’t you hate it when you can’t find one of your favorite CDs?)

It looks to be another warm day outside, which means that it is another cold day inside the office. Where’s my coat? (I think my coat went someplace else in an effort to get warm itself.)

This morning I got to talk to one of my 4th grade teachers, who today is Jaylin’s substitute 3rd grade teacher. It’s the circle of life. (And here I thought that whole circle of life thing was just created for that movie.)