Observations of the Past Week (4/29/13)

The always amusing Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook return once again. I suppose “always amusing” is a relative term.

Happy Earth Day! Is it just me, or does this piece of Earth Day cake taste like dirt? (What do you mean we don’t celebrate the earth by eating it?)

You are only as old as you tell people you are. (Which makes me 25.)

People who tweet to say thanks for following them but then don’t follow you back confuse me. (And then they find themselves unfollowed. As if they care.)

Happy Tuesday! Which hopefully isn’t just Monday Part 2. (Or in modern sequel names, 2Mon2Day.)

Guess who is having his own Sneezeapalooza this morning? I bet you didn’t even know that was a word. (Just announced: The Sneezapalooza Tour! Kleenex not included.)

Someone mentioned the gravy train. But how would a train made out of gravy hold its shape, not to mention staying on the tracks? (Good gravy!)

I just checked the weather. What is wet and falls from the sky? A bird that slips while getting out of the bathtub. (And on another note, why do people think I have a strange sense of humor?)

Lady in the orthodontist office: “I don’t understand that sign - ‘Like us on Facebook.’ Does that make any sense?” (She also said, “I know you can follow someone, but how do you like them?” She must not be a Facebook regular.)

Nothing ruins a good rainy day quite like the sun peeking through the clouds. (Who wants a sunny day, anyway?)

If I just watch the end of “Batman Begins,” is he really beginning, or is it more like the middle? Now I’m confused. (“Batman’s Middle Period,” maybe?)

Happy Day-Before-Friday! What do we call that day again? Thur-something? (Kind of like that guy that used to be in movies with Jerry Lewis. What was his name?)

If you need me, I will be in a meeting. Please, somebody need me. (No one needed me. I feel unneeded.)

At lunch a co-worker put the wrong thing in the microwave and heated his salad. I wonder how slightly steaming lettuce tastes? (I would guess not quite good.)

Back to the greatest place on earth: home. (Would home still be as great if we got to spend more time there? Yes it would.)

Happy and Friday go together like Sonny and Cher. (I got you, babe.)

So the church isn’t the building, the church is the people. Does that apply to a school, too? Just curious. (Most voted yes. Others abstained.)

We had a big office lunch today for Dad’s birthday. Now I need a nap. (Of course, that sometimes applies when we don’t have a big lunch, too.)

If I answer the phone and no one says anything for two seconds, that is enough time to wait before hanging up, right? (Or maybe two seconds is way too generous.)

A rainy Friday night means there is no excuse not to sleep late on Saturday morning. (And it was good.)

Woo hoo. Nothing like a tornado watch to spice up an afternoon. (Fortunately, nothing came of it at our house.)

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