Observations of the Past Week (4/22/13)

Here they are once again, the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. You know them, you love them, you want to invite them for dinner. They prefer Mexican food, by the way.

Happy Tax Day! Don’t be lax in your taxes. (If you are just now realizing that Tax Day was last week, it is too late. You are lax.)

Guess whose Internet service is out at the office today? I’ll give you a hint: ours. (Always a great way to start the day.)

After replacing the modem, we once again have internet service at the office. I know you were all concerned. (Those two hours felt like days.)

All it takes is one selfish person to ruin things for everyone else. (Or in this case, it turned out to be two selfish people.)

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. - 2 Chronicles 9:16 (Good words.)

Today I am thankful that Miracle Whip comes in plastic jars. (Why did everyone assume that I dropped the Miracle Whip? Well, I did, actually.)

Turtle on the interstate. At least he was in the slow lane. (But there was not a rabbit in the fast lane.)

So the accuracy of news reports is improving. Now they are wrong 100% of the time. (Why even bother to see what the news people are saying?)

Have a happy Thursday! Just don’t tell Friday you are cheating on it by being happy on a different day. (Friday does get jealous, you know.)

Either the pollen isn’t as bad (despite phone app warnings to the contrary), or I am just getting used to it. Either way, no complaints. (In hindsight, it must have been a low pollen day.)

For God has the power to help or to overthrow. - 2 Chronicles 25:8 (Yes He does.)

My weather prediction for today: We will have weather. (The only 100% accurate weather forecast you will ever hear.)

Slight risk of severe weather. Upgraded to moderate risk. Now back to slight risk. Would people just make up their minds? (I need to know how much of a risk I am taking here, people.)

The radar shows that the rain is almost here. And me without my umbrella. Oh bother. At least it shouldn’t mess up my hair. (It didn’t, if you were wondering.)

We have been getting rain for the last hour. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the dryness of the couch. What if the horses don’t eat tonight? (See next post.)

And of course the horses will get fed. Don’t worry about them. They are first class citizens around here. (They didn’t even seem to mind the rain.)

Our rural neighborhood is rather dark at night, but when the power goes out it is really, really dark. Really. (Did I mention it was really dark?)

It has been warm outside all week. And today it is 44 degrees when I have someone coming to work on the air conditioner. Hmmm. (At least he didn’t say, “Why are you trying to run an air conditioner today?”)

Waiting is not my strong suit. I am reminded of this often, usually when I am having to wait. (And what does a waiting suit look like, anyway?)

I still expect it to be warm when I go outside, but it is not. (Gotta love the ever-changing weather. Or not.)

Sunny Sunday mornings are always a nice reminder of what God has done. (Not that there is anything wrong with cloudy Sunday mornings, of course.)

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