Observations of the Past Week (4/21-4/27)

Once again, here are the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. The Observations would love to tell you that they have been on a beach vacation, but they haven’t.

The shampoo has extracts of gingko biloba. Maybe that will help my hair remember. (Or maybe that will help me remember hair.)

I have to stop by the pet store to get cat food. People always bring their dogs in there. Maybe I should take our cat. To scare the dogs. (Because dogs will say, “Oh no, I didn’t know they let cats in here, too!”)

Bedtime already? But it seems like I just got up 17 hours ago! (Where does the time go?)

It was a fun day at the zoo with Jaylin’s 3rd grade class. But now it is nice and quiet here at the office. (It is interesting how much of a difference 40 energetic kids can make.)

Yesterday at the zoo: “Hey Jaylin, your dad reminds me of my grandfather!” (I’ll take that as a compliment - that I’m nice and kind. Not that I look old.)

Ever notice how no one complains when a seminar ends early? I thought about complaining, but I decided to follow the crowd. (Instead, I made for the door before they changed their minds.)

The zoo with Jaylin’s class on Tuesday, a seminar on Wednesday, and back to the office today for the boss’s birthday! (Because birthdays usually mean a birthday lunch.)

I will not eat too much pizza for lunch. I will not eat too much pizza for lunch. I will not eat too much pizza for lunch. (I didn’t eat too much pizza for lunch. The cake was another story, however.)

It has been a week of good eating. Although “good” usually means “not good for you.” (Why can’t the two become one?)