Observations of the Past Week (4/15/13)

In honor of Tax Day, here are the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. Okay, so we do them every week, not just for Tax Day. But it sounded nice.

If Monday were a color, it would be gray. (A dark, dull gray.)

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. - James 4:10 (Yes.)

Nothing like watching an argument outside the office, down by the street. This would have been a good time to know lip reading. (Or maybe I don’t want to know what they were saying.)

I really like this afternoon’s weather. My nose, however, disagrees. (Sneeze.)

Woman in Kroger: “Why can Kroger get new baskets but Walmart can’t?” You’re complaining at the wrong store. (I should have mentioned that she was complaining to a Kroger employee, too.)

Time to start working on my beach body for the summer. What? It is already April?? (Oh well, there is always next year.)

Idle hands eat too many M&Ms. (But that doesn’t mean M&Ms are of the devil, does it?)

Was trying to email someone named Lucy, but I kept typing Lucky. I wonder if Lucy is Lucky? (Or maybe Lucky is Lucy.)

About to finish up work stuff. Then go do some church stuff. Then home to do home stuff. You know, the usual stuff. (That’s what I do - stuff.)

“These are the times that try men’s sinuses.” - Tom “Sneezy” Paine (Sneezy is a much better nickname than Dopey, right?)

Our normally black parking lot surface is yellow today. But then so are all the cars. (Ah, tree pollen.)

My phone is about to die and I am going to a meeting. So everyone call or text me at once, okay? (I’m still waiting for all those calls and texts.)

Interestingly, today is one of those rare days when not one of my Facebook friends has a birthday. (Maybe I need more Facebook friends.)

I sometimes wonder if Twitter is related to Conway Twitty. Because their names are so close together. (Apparently, one of them changed his name somewhere along the way.)

Soon, it will be time to leave the safety of the office and go outside into YellowLand. (Also known as Sneezeland.)

I am not a big fan of thunderstorms, but I wouldn’t mind it if some rain came and washed the pollen out of the air. (Follow up - it did. For about a day.)

Hey, look - lightning! It’s a good time to stand outside and feed the horses. Kids, don’t try this at home! (So why do the adults try it at home?)

I am back inside safely, in case you were concerned. (I heard everyone sigh from relief.)

Rain! It’s like water falling from the sky! (Funny how that works.)

Just got an alert on my phone that we have a high pollen alert. Really? I hadn’t noticed. (Some days a smart phone is beaten by an old-fashioned nose.)

Two of my favorite words every day are “lunch time.” Or is it just “lunchtime” - one word? That might be even better. (Does it really matter?)

I thought the rain had stopped, but I guess it was just reloading. (Just like how I have to reload a Super Soaker sometimes.)

I’m thinking I shouldn’t have left my jacket in the car when I got to the office this morning. 47 degrees? (These springtime temperature swings are ridiculous.)

I just got back from lunch with a good-looking birthday girl. (That would be Laura, of course.)

We had a fun day of adventure at Pinson Mounds State Archeological Park. And believe it or not, I took a photo or two. Or two hundred. (Who says I take too many photos? Oh yeah, most everyone.)

It has been a weekend of good eating. Which is probably not good. (Good? Yes. Good for me? Umm….)

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