Observations of the Past Week (4/1/13)

No fooling - here once again are the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. All 100% true and completely serious. No matter what today’s date might be.

Farewell, weekend. We barely knew thee. (The traditional Monday Lament.)

Cars with eyelashes kind of scare me. (“Scare” might not be a strong enough word.)

It was 36 degrees outside at noon. Hello, spring! (Of course to be fair, we were having spring weather in winter, too.)

There is one thing that is important to remember today. I would tell you what it is, but I forgot. (Still no clue.)

I have one of Jaylin’s piano lesson songs stuck in my head. I guess that means he is playing it well. (And I could have worse songs stuck in my head.)

Wednesday spelled backwards is “Yadsendew.” Which makes about as much sense as spelling it forwards. (At least Friday isn’t that hard to spell.)

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. (I’m sure my making you think of that song makes John Denver’s estate happy as well.)

“I’m thinking of becoming a hermit.” “Well you are already pretty crabby.” (Hypothetical conversations I have with myself.)

My chair has started squeaking. Has anyone seen the WD-40? Because I don’t think WD-39 will fix it. (And we won’t even talk about WDs 1 through 38.)

Hand painted yard sign: “ROOM E MAT WANTED.” I like my mats room-e, too. (Signs can be so confusing these days.)

“Would you like to try a sample? Great for back pain and knee pain!” “No thanks - I have enough of that already.” (He wanted an honest answer, right?)

I have a brain! It only took 42 years to get one. (With a photo, too!)

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