Observations of the Past Week (3/11/13)

What better way to start your week than with the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook? If you do have a better way to start your week, you don’t have to answer that question.

It is currently warmer here than it is in Walt Disney World. That should make us feel better about being home and going to work, right? (I’m not sure it worked.)

In the morning, I have big plans of what to do when I get home from work. By the afternoon, that plan has changed to “sit on the couch.” (And I am usually okay with that.)

This morning, it was 60 degrees outside. Now just a few hours later, it is 41 degrees. Blame the rain. (Stupid rain.)

Some complete stranger said I looked like John McCain. That’s a first. (And hopefully a last.)

This morning it was warm and rainy. This afternoon it is cold and sunny. Does that seem backwards to anyone else? (You can always find something about the weather to complain about.)

Yesterday, someone left on Laura’s desk an envelope with the negatives of all our wedding photos from 20 years ago. Cool! (At least I think they were us - those kids sure did look young.)

My brain is now in sequester - don’t expect anything meaningful from it. Not that you would normally, either. Much like the government. (Always easy to make jokes at the government’s expense.)

Go to Walmart, go home, eat supper, record a podcast, take the garbage can to the street. Big plans for tonight. (Those were bigger plans than most nights, actually.)

Garaginal Equinox: The few days a year when the sun is shining in the garage on the sensor just right so that the garage door won’t close. (Garaginal eclipse: When I stand so that my shadow blocks the sun from the sensor, which will allow the door to close.)

Yesterday someone from the office next door asked how my grandson is doing, meaning Jaylin. Ouch. Do I look that old? (Time to start coloring my hair?)

A lady at the bank said I look like Indiana Jones. Must be the hat. (Funny how no one tells me that when I am not wearing a hat.)

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs is a strange movie. On another note, I’m not hungry. (How is that for a movie review?)

Working hard on the same day we set our clocks ahead might not be the best idea. (Wait, I’m already over-tired, and now I have to give up an hour of sleep?)

There are deer sleeping in our front yard. How cool is that? (Pretty cool, I’d say.)

Help - I’ve lost an hour and I can’t get up! Well actually, I am up. But it wasn’t easy. (Bring back standard time!)

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