Observations of the Past Week (3/10-3/16)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook are a day late. And if they were only a dollar short, that would be an improvement.

John Carter is really good. (I was talking about the movie. Just in case anyone named John Carter might be reading this.)

It is still mostly dark at 7:00am. Maybe if Daylight Savings Time came with free donuts it would be easier to handle. (But then most everything with free donuts would be easy to handle.)

I think my watch stopped yesterday. Oh wait, this is Daylight Savings Time. That explains a lot. I have an excuse to be confused today. (Wish I had an excuse every day.)

Sitting on the couch watching TV with Laura and a visiting dog. Our outside dog is probably jealous. (He stood at the window saying, “Why can’t I come in?”)

Strangely, our power at the office went out for a few minutes, but it is back now. I was thinking it was going to be a long day. (Actually, no power would make for a short day, because I would just go home.)

At the post office. I always try to be as nice as possible here. I would hate to make them go postal. (That would be bad, wouldn’t it?)

Possible record high temps today. Maybe I should get out the Hawaiian shirts early this year. (Just couldn’t do it. March is too early.)

Just got a call that I expected to be an automated message, so I didn’t say anything. I was surprised when someone was actually there. (And he was probably surprised when I didn’t say anything for a few seconds after picking up the phone.)

I just love this time of year when I go outside and find that my car has turned yellow. (I love sneezing, too. And sarcasm.)

I was told I look like Paul Shaffer. I guess there are worse things in the world. (If only I had his job.)

The sun is out here at the office, but I keep getting texts about thunderstorms in the next county where we live. Strange weather. (So that’s what they mean about widely scattered thunderstorms.)

For a rainy day, it sure has been sunny today. (Weather forecasting is such a strange business.)

My bracket is currently 17 out of 24 correct. Wonder how that will hold up? (Well, for one thing, I shouldn’t have picked Duke to win it all.)

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