Observations of the Past Week

After being off schedule last week, the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook are back to their usual Monday time. Not that anyone really missed them or anything.

What an exciting football game! Jaylin even ran for a first down! (But I’m sure you have heard about that by now.)

Going to two football games in one weekend is apparently hard on my allergies. (Achoo!)

What? The weekend is already over? Can I file for an extension? (And what’s the penalty for that extension? Might be worth it.)

You know it’s Monday when you can say “You know it’s Monday” and everyone knows what you mean. (I know you know what I mean, too.)

Turn signals are there for a reason, people. (Like maybe to signal that you are going to turn. For example.)

It’s a great day for nothing in particular! (Maybe that applies to every day.)

“Steps are dangerous places. People die on steps.” - Salesman selling step lighting (I know they really do, but it was hard not to laugh out loud.)

It’s a nice humid evening for football practice. (For a change, read the entry a few lines below this one.)

Wednesday is wonderful. Wednesday is wonderful. Wednesday is wonderful. Wednesday is wonderful. Wednesday is… you get the idea. (It really wasn’t that bad.)

Here’s a tip for those still using Internet Explorer: don’t. (Enough said.)

A cloudy, rainy afternoon would be good for a nap. Maybe I can stay awakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk - I’m up! (No, really, the “K” key just got stuck. I wasn’t asleep.)

Pretty breezy out tonight. I might have to go out and run a few football plays with the team to stay warm. (Except that I wouldn’t want to be shown up by a bunch of 3rd and 4th graders.)

If I were to start drinking coffee, today just might be the day. (But sorry, I still can’t bring myself to drink the stuff.)

If you have two left feet, how do you shop for shoes? (And why don’t you ever hear anything about those mysterious people with two right feet?)

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