Observations of the Past Week (2/8/13)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook haven’t been around here for quite a while. Rumor has it that they went into the Witness Protection Program and had their named changed to Karl. But for whatever reason, they are back now. Good or bad, you decide.

The word “wrong” is always spelled wrong, which is right. Because if it were spelled right, that would be wrong. (Right?)

And the world is suddenly more thankful for electrical engineers. (Obligatory Super Bowl Power Outage Post.)

I saw a wreck almost happen because a driver was looking in the mirror on the sun visor to put on her makeup. Really. Watch the road! (Maybe I could take a nap while I’m driving.)

I forgot to put a can of Coke in the refrigerator this morning. I guess I could drink it warm… (Or not.)

Today the part of Steve will be played by someone witty and dashing. (Wait, isn’t that every day? Why are you laughing?)

Either there is a dove outside the window, or someone is doing a fake bird call to get my attention just like in the movies. (Hooooo hoooo, hooo hoooo.)

Apparently, explaining fractions in ten-year-old language is not one of my talents. (Not that I have actually identified any of my talents.)

Don’t you hate it when you put lotion on your hands and then you can’t turn the doorknob? Get me out of here! (Yes, I am a man and I use lotion. So there. Now please open the door.)

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs. Ephesians 4:29 (Can’t be reminded of that enough.)

Signing day is almost over and I didn’t sign with anyone. Again. (No one appreciates my football skills.)

How many people actually pronounce “iron” as “I-ron” like it is spelled? Not too many, I’m guessing. (Another day in the life of the English Language.)

Almost time to go on skunk patrol. And by that I mean feed the horses. (Nothing like having a skunk in the barn.)

One of Jaylin’s spelling words this week is “photocopy” - I don’t remember ever having that as a spelling word in school for some reason. (And no, I’m not old.)

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