Observations of the Past Week (2/25-3/2)

Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. Not exactly coming in like a lion. But you get what you get.

Jaylin said, “The thing that confuses me about hot dogs is which part is the hot, and which part is the dog?” (We haven’t found the answer to that yet, either.)

Hello, Monday! Actually, I could have said hello to you several hours ago, but I’m just now feeling like being friendly to you, Monday. (Monday is not always an easy friend.)

My phone and my calculator often sit next to each other on my desk. I often pick up the wrong one. (At least my phone does have a built-in calculator.)

Even on a busy morning, it isn’t too busy to stop for snack time. (Can’t be busy on an empty stomach, can you?)

Seems like it is getting darker outside. Either rain is on the way, or it is time to go home and go to bed. (Or both.)

After a while, all the Windsday jokes start to sound the same. And yet here we are again on a Wednesday, and it’s windy. Must be Windsday. (We must be in a weather trend.)

Apparently, March has marched right past February. Even though February did its best to stay around, even offering up an extra day. (March is always sneaky like that.)

On this date in 1985 I went to school. 8th grade. Just in case you were wondering if anything important happened on this date in history. (I’m sure I learned something in the classes, too. I wonder what it was?)

I’m restless. Maybe it is the caffeine. Or maybe it is the nice, sunny day outside. (Or maybe a combination of the two.)

No parking places at the office this morning. Something big going on next door at the congresswoman’s office. I feel left out. But not much. (Maybe my invitation got lost in the mail.)

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