Observations of the Past Week (2/11-2/17)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook are working on a holiday? Yes they are!

Oh no! I have dishpan hands! (You know what they say - “Dishpan hands, greasy heart.” Or maybe not.)

Happy birthday to Abraham Lincoln, who is 203 years young today! Although I am guessing he probably won’t read this message. (I never did hear from him, so I’m guessing not.)

It looks like a beautiful day outside. Until you look at the thermometer. (The sun can’t always take away the cold.)

Is Monday the 13th better or worse than Friday the 13th? (Worse, because it isn’t Friday.)

It is starting to sleet outside. Or rain. Or whatever. Bring out the crazies. (Why do they always wait for bad weather before they appear?)

I just saw a couple of snowflakes mixed in with the rain and sleet. Where’s the bread and milk? Gotta run! (I hope there isn’t a line!)

It is a cold, rainy night. Not cold enough to be a snowy night, but still cold. (Just because it isn’t snowing doesn’t mean it isn’t cold.)

People who leave their engines running while fueling scare me. I guess that “STOP ENGINE” sign applies to everyone but them. (Or maybe they are Superman and explosions won’t hurt them.)

It is almost time for my Valentine’s Day lunch! Which is the same as my Every Other Day lunch. (Not that I am complaining. Any lunch is a good lunch.)

Long day. Or maybe it is just my perception of it that makes it seem long. Either way, long day. (A day is only as long as it seems.)

I made it home before it got dark. Spring must be on the way. (Or my clock was wrong and I left work too early.)

Those places that give birthday holidays sound pretty good. Right now, I would settle for a birthday nap. (Too much birthday partying?)

My two aunts both said today that I am their favorite nephew. I love them. And I won’t bother counting how many nephews they have. (Always good to be the favorite!)

That’s about enough birthday partying for today. Because my life is one big party anyway. (Don’t you know it.)

Happy Thursday! I’m happy. Are you happy? Happy, happy, happy. (If you repeat something enough, then you are, right?)

Dear whoever’s car alarm keeps going off, I hope that either you turn your alarm off or your battery dies soon. (That was rather mean, wasn’t it?)

I keep checking my clock. I think it has stopped. I think all of my clocks have stopped. (Funny, that seems to happen every Thursday afternoon.)

“Good morning, it’s a brand new day - starting fresh with a smile on my face…” (Well, it was worth a try.)