Observations of the Past Week

The Observations of the Past Week got their feelings hurt after being bumped on Monday due to the post about posting changes, and then bumped again on Tuesday due to football highlights. But they showed up today, anyway. Of course, you can always find them on Twitter and Facebook, too.

When I get a new Twitter follower, I feel pressure to say something profound. But right now, all I can think of is what’s for lunch. Mmmm. (Lunch is always a popular topic.)

Why is it that whenever I get to sit down and watch TV there is never anything on worth watching? (There probably wasn’t anything on when I wasn’t watching, too.)

The moon is so bright that I can read my phone by its light. Oh wait, my phone has a built-in light. (Either way, the moon was still bright. Brighter than I am, apparently.)

Strangely, when I go to bed earlier, I feel more tired in the morning. Oh well. Good morning! (Funny how that works.)

Salesman calls, asks when he can come. I tell him a time. He says, “Well, I was going to do something then, but OK.” Or just don’t come. (Because I can probably make it without whatever you are selling just fine.)

It is cooler out, but I’m still wearing Hawaiian shirts. Because it is still summer, after all. Not giving those up until I just have to. (There isn’t an official “Hawaiian Shirt Season” is there?)

Driving tip: if I’m pulling a trailer load of hay, don’t drive right up behind me. (Unless you like to take the chance of having a windshield full of hay. Not that I lost any. This time.)

We now have a barn full of hay for the winter. The horses are happy. The people are tired. (But the people did sleep well that night. And the horses ate well.)

It’s sunny outside. And it’s Friday. Either one of those would make for a nice day on it’s own. (Both together is a rare, beautiful thing.)

The Burnsland.com Facebook page is trying to get to 1000 “likes”. Only 959 to go! (Now down to only 957. Maybe we should have a telethon.)

Going to two football games in one weekend is apparently hard on my allergies. (Surely it isn’t that I’m allergic to the weekend.)

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