Observations of the Past Week (1/7-1/13)

With the Christmas holidays now just a distant, fading memory, the Observations of the Past Week return to their normal routine. Whatever that is. Keep up at Twitter and Facebook.

Always good to go to a restaurant where they know your order when you walk in the door. (Although everybody doesn’t necessarily know your name.)

Rise and shine! I rose, but I’m not sure I am shining yet. Anyone seen the polish? (I am more of a “matte” than a “glossy.”)

Tried to set up account. “Account w/that email address already exists.” Tried recovering password. “Email address is not in our system.” (Somewhere, someone is laughing at me.)

Why did the taxidermist cross the road? To get to the other hide. (Well, I thought it was funny.)

It is cold in here. I am guessing that Eskimos don’t do much typing. (Maybe they get really good at hunt and peck with mittens.)

I’m thinking of making a run for the border tonight. But just for supper. (I wonder if it is safe to drink the water there?)

If there is one thing I know, it is that I know I don’t know much of anything. (And I’m not even sure that I know that.)

I’m thinking about doing something interesting today. Of course, I think about that every day. Hasn’t happened yet. (Maybe one day.)

Since laughter is the best medicine, is it covered by Obamacare? (Insert your own political joke here.)

I just saw two snowflakes! Is work canceled for today? (People take their snow seriously around here.)

Snow flurries outside. Wish I hadn’t left my snowshoes at home. (You mean “flurries” doesn’t necessarily mean three feet of snow?)

The snow/sleet was coming down pretty good for a few minutes. Maybe I should go home. Just in case. (Can’t be too careful when snow is involved.)

The snow flurries stopped a while ago. So I guess I won’t stop by the grocery store to get bread after all. (Not that we needed bread in the first place. That is just what everyone does when the snow starts.)

No matter what anyone else says, 25 degrees outside is cold. (And I am not a big fan of cold. Or even a little fan.)

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