Observations of the Past Week (1/28-2/3)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. Even if you have already read them, some of them may be worth repeating. But probably not.

Tonight’s wild animal heard while we were outside: a screech owl. (Much better than something like a man-eating lion.)

Hello, Saturday! Where have you been all week? How are the kids? And what happened to your cartoons? (Saturday mornings just aren’t what they used to be.)

Why aren’t grapefruit purple like grapes? And if grapes are already a fruit, why do we also have grapefruit? Too confusing for me. (Why do things have to be so complicated?)

It has been a beautiful day outside. At least it looked like it through the window. (Who, me - daydreaming? Nope.)

“Music has charms to soothe the savage beast.” I like music. So what are you trying to say about me? (I’m certainly not savage, am I?)

I like to keep myself well grounded. Gravity often helps with that. (Sometimes I wish gravity weren’t quite so helpful.)

A fox ran in front of our car on the way home. It was crazy. Like a fox. (Because “crazy like a possum” just isn’t the same.)

February already! Upcoming February holidays: 2/2 - Groundhog Day. 2/6 Newt’s best friend’s birthday. (I can’t resist a good current events joke every now and then. One of these days, I will actually make one.)

Lunchtime: It takes so long to get here, and yet it goes by so quickly. Oh well. (I think lunchtime must be related to weekends. Same concept.)

Rain, thunder, and lightning a few hours ago, and now the stars are out. Ah, weather. (I sure do talk about the weather a lot, don’t I?)

I saw my shadow! So now I think going back to bed would be the best option, right? (That is what the groundhog does, isn’t it? Maybe I could be a groundhog.)

It feels so nice in here when the heat comes on. Maybe I should go outside in the sun to warm up. (That was before it turned cool and rainy again.)

It looks like snow outside! Well, not really. Maybe if it were about 30 degrees cooler. (Didn’t mean to cause anyone any alarm.)

Schwarzenegger visits Taj Mahal, finds it closed” - sounds like the next @peeweeherman movie! (Highlight of my week - having this tweet retweeted by Pee Wee Herman himself!)

It is the Friday before the Super Bowl. Which I just learned has nothing to do with bowling. Or Superman. (That changes my whole Super Bowl Party plans.)

Weather report: It’s raining. Check the nearest window to see if this applies to your area. (Maybe meteorology should have been my chosen field.)