Observations of the Past Week (12/3-12/9)

The Observations of the Past Week return. As they do just about every week. No one knows why.

More rain today. I would make a Noah joke - but if he is only taking two of us, I don’t want to hurt my chances. (Unless I don’t like who the other one is, of course.)

What a busy day. Not that it is a bad thing. At least I have been running around in big circles instead of lots of small ones. (Maybe I get more exercise that way.)

Watching A Christmas Story always makes me want to go write down some stories of my childhood. Fictional stories, of course. (Because they would be much more interesting than the real thing.)

I am sure someone will say that all this early snow is due to global warming. But that is just because I have been running my heater more. (I am contributing to global warming to stay warm, so it snows more. Just doesn’t make sense.)

Sad to hear that Harry Morgan died. Although I must say I thought he was really old 30 years ago. (I wonder what the kids will say about me in a few years.)

I like sunny days. Today is a sunny day. I like today. (Nothing against an occasional rainy day. But sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.)

Nothing like the soothing sound of water from melting snow on the roof trickling down through the drain pipe in the wall. (That noise starts getting to you subliminally. You know what I mean.)

Because the Honey Badger nickname was already taken, I had to settle for Guacamole Snail. (Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

Happy Friday! Oh, and don’t panic, but Christmas is just over 2 weeks away. (Or maybe you should panic. I will leave that up to you.)

More parking lot work today. Did you know every time a big machine backs up, it goes, “BEEP BEEP BEEP”? Did you know they back up a lot? (So I turned up the Christmas music to drown them out.)

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