Observations of the Past Week (1/21-1/27)

Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. Or anywhere else that they might have shown up. Such as in a bad dream.

Why isn’t “Arkansas” pronounced like “Kansas”? They are the same except for two letters at the front. (Coming up on our next episode of “Mysteries of the South”…)

Possible severe weather in January? Fun. (I thought that stuff only happened in the summer.)

What a difference a few hours makes. Nice blue skies this morning, compared to the storms of last night. (I am often thankful for weather changes.)

What do chickens say something tastes like? (And how do chickens taste things without any lips?)

I don’t pick a movie to watch based on what awards the other movie people have given it, but rather if it looks like something I would like. (Take that, Oscar!)

Just finished an unexpected meeting. Fortunately, I mostly just had to sit and listen. I’m good at that. (And I didn’t even fall asleep.)

The State of the Union Address is tonight? Well there goes my television watching for the night. (And there is nothing on cable, either.)

Coworker’s birthday, so we had pizza for lunch. Yum! (Maybe he can have another birthday next week!)

Lightning! Thunder! I am thinking the dog won’t want to leave the garage this morning. (Who knew our dog was a big chicken?)

Just got to see Jaylin’s class program at school. It was great! Not that I am biased or anything. Pictures in a day or two. (Not that I am biased, but it was only the BEST CLASS PROGRAM EVER! At least until next year’s program.)

More rain. Looks like a good night to sit on the couch at home. Oh wait, I do that most nights already. But not with this good excuse. (And who can pass up an excuse like that?)

Muncha buncha Fritos go with lunch. Except I didn’t bring any Fritos. (I always felt like my lunch was missing something.)

It is already the last Friday of January. What are you doing with your life? Can I borrow some of it, because mine is flying by. (Not flying like a bird, but flying like a Space Shuttle.)

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