Observations of the Past Week (11/5-11/11)

Because you have waited so patiently for them, here are the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. See, patience does have its rewards.

I never get an extra hour of sleep. Just an extra hour of doing stuff on Saturday. But thats okay - Agape’s Heartlight was worth it! (Good friends, good food, good times. And then we got to set our clocks back when we got home.)

Can I cash in my extra hour of sleep now? (What do you mean that isn’t how it works?)

It is almost 5:00, and it is almost dark. I love it. Really. (Not so much guilt about just sitting on the couch watching Monday Night Football now.)

Uh oh! Somebody needs a hug. (I wonder how that turned out.)

Yes, I am listening to Ronnie Milsap on Spotify. You want to make something of it? (Everyone can use some Smoky Mountain Rain every now and then.)

Today, I am easily distracted. And, um, what were we talking about again? (Um, what?)

Thanks to some nice friends, I just had a great chocolate chip chocolate brownie. As if I weren’t sweet enough already. (What? You don’t think I’m sweet? I’m crushed. Better have another brownie.)

I am going in 27 different directions today. One of them may or may not be the right one. (And if more than one of them were the right ones, I would really be confused.)

Okay, time to wash the dishes! Who’s with me? (Why did everyone scurry away like roaches when the light comes on?)

The moon shadows are certainly strong tonight. Don’t need a flashlight to go out to the barn. (But I still had my flashlight with me, just in case. You never know.)

Jaylin’s class did a great Veterans Day chapel program today. (I might not be a veteran, but I’m a proud dad.)

Goal for the day: Remember not to check the mail when I get home. (Always a good thing to remember on minor holidays.)

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