Observations of the Past Week (11/12-11/18)

The Observations of the Past Week are sure looking forward to some turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving. Will they get it? Keep up with Twitter and/or Facebook to find out the answer.

I could get used to this whole “not rushing out to a football game on Saturday morning” thing. (Lazy Saturdays, how I have missed you.)

Church sign: “There is always something to be thankful for.” (Very true words.)

Another overcast, blustery day. Perfect for a Monday. (Why waste a sunny day on a Monday?)

That is some nice early-summer weather we have been having today. A week before Thanksgiving. My utility bill will make me thankful. (Of course, it wouldn’t last.)

It was a nice, slippery drive into town this morning. And we weren’t even drift racing. (Although some drivers thought we were.)

It seems quiet around here. Everyone must be paying attention to some basketball game or something. (Why have a 24 hour college basketball kickoff on Monday night and Tuesday?)

Happy Wednesday! Why is it happy? Because it is the day of our office Thanksgiving feast and nap! Well, maybe not the nap. But it should be. (Mmm, food.)

Nothing on TV last night. I picked Family Ties over basketball. Yes, it was that bad. (Family Ties was definitely the better choice, too.)

Thanksgiving feast was great as always. Off to the store to get some of those glasses with eyes painted on the lenses. (Hey, it works in the cartoons!)

And the temperatures just keep falling outside. My trusty space heater is glad to have a job. (I hope it doesn’t go off and join some Occupy movement.)

The heat just came on, and it is blowing a gale force wind. Might have to fix my hair when it goes off. (I hate it when that happens.)

I thought about thinking about that, but then I thought better of it. (Thinking again, I think the same way. I think.)

Office Thanksgiving Feast Part 2: The Leftovers. Every bit as good as the first time around. (Mmm, more food!)

If you run around in circles, does your outside leg get more tired than your inside leg? Because it does have to do more work, after all. (Anyone want to volunteer to test this theory? I will watch.)

Happy Friday, and all that stuff. (With Friday, what other stuff do you need?)

“My life is an open book. But nobody bothers to read it.” (I wonder who said that?)

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