Observations of the Past Week (1/1-1/6)

The Observations of the Past Week have been away for a while. But now they are back. Hide your children. Or just keep up at Twitter or Facebook.

In case I forget to say it later, Happy New Year! Zzz zzzzzz (That was from about 8:30 PM on New Year’s Eve, by the way. No need to stay up until midnight - it was still the New Year when I got up.)

The 8am drive to church was strange this morning. Over 20 minutes before we saw another car on the road. (I would guess January 1 being on a Sunday has an effect on church attendance.)

Our house looks sad. The outside lights and tree are gone. But at least the inside trees are still up. (And yes, the lights are still on if the trees are still up.)

Okay, back to work! And apparently, I am in the minority. (Who knew January 2 was a holiday, too?)

Pretty quiet at the office today. Except that the guy next door is using the quiet day to clean out. And not always very quietly. (Nothing like a little noise on a quiet day.)

Every time I go outside, the cold wind makes me want to come right back in. I guess winter is here today. (Old Man Winter must have eaten his Wheaties.)

I like that it is the Rose Bowl Presented by Vizio instead of the Vizio Rose Bowl. Much more class and dignity that way. (Why can’t more sponsors be happy with their names being last?)

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we were in Florida and it was in the 80s outside? I really miss that. (I’m not sure which I miss the most - Florida, or the 80s. Of course, I am not talking about the 1980s.)

It is a nice, sunny day! Until you go outside and feel how cold it is. (I just don’t get it - how can it be sunny and freezing cold at the same time?)

The shortest day of the year was only a couple of weeks ago, and you can already notice it staying light longer. Cool. (Must mean that summer is just around the corner.)

I would like to announce that I am dropping out of the presidential race. Not that I was ever in it to begin with. (See you in 2016!)

I’m cold. But I put my can of Coke in the freezer for a bit to make sure it is good and cold to drink. Makes sense. (Maybe it is just an engineering thing.)

Other Christmas lights are still up. We still aren’t alone. (But we are in a shrinking minority.)

Good morning! Good morning! I said it twice just to make sure that it is. (If only that worked with everything.)

I thought I was eating M&Ms, but actually they are Hershey’s Hershey-ets. That explains why they have no upside-down W’s printed on them. (But chocolate is chocolate, right?)

Thursday afternoons always seem so long. Where is my time machine? (And whatever happened to that wacky Doc Brown?)

Waking up thinking it is Thursday and then realizing it is Friday is a good way to start the day. (If only that worked every day.)

Almost lunch time! You know what that means! Um, it means I am going to each lunch. (As if it would mean anything else.)

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