Observations of the Past Week (10/8-10/15)

Time once again for the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. Pretty scary what goes on (or doesn’t) inside my head, isn’t it?

At the Ames Plantation Festival. They are firing a Civil War cannon, and it is loud. A young girl said, “I hate that war.” (All war is bad, even if they don’t have loud cannons.)

This morning’s animal crossing in front of the car: A beaver. He was moving quickly, so he must have been an eager beaver. (At least he was eager not to get hit by a car.)

Ever notice how similar the words “applause” and “applesauce” are? Coincidence? (I think it is a new slogan: Applause for Applesauce!)

Happy Tuesday! Or, if you had yesterday off, Happy Monday! Serves you right for not working yesterday. (Yes, I celebrated Christopher Columbus by going to work.)

Yesterday, I had a lunch date with a good looking girl. Today, I had a turkey sandwich. Not quite the same. (Actually, on both days I had a turkey sandwich. But on one, the company was much better.)

I drove to work in a fog this morning. Hope that’s not a sign of things to come. (No, the fog was outside the car, not inside my head.)

The fog has lifted, the sun is shining, and rain is on the way. Can we fit in any more weather types today? There may still be room. (There is still time to get in some snow and some blazing heat!)

Oh no, it is Thursday the 13th! Um, is that better or worse than Friday the 13th? (The jury is still out on that one.)

Steve can’t come to the internet right now. He is out chasing a wild goose. (Would chasing a tame goose be any better?)

The chase is over - wild goose has been found. It is no longer wild. But then it never was a goose, either. (Can you find this job that you guys worked on in 1999? I need it right now!)

Why does the restroom smell like licorice? Not that I am in there now. (Because tweeting from the restroom would be wrong. Even if it did smell like licorice.)

I spilled Coca-Cola down the front of my shirt. Apparently, I need a sippy cup. (Or maybe just a straw.)

Our garage smells like a stink bug. Better that than skunk. (Trust me. I speak from experience.)

On Friday, no one ever has to ask what day it is. I wonder why. (If you are asking yourself right now what day it is, then you know what day it isn’t.)

How many engineers does it take to rearrange an office? Three. Because we don’t have four. (The more, the merrier. And the more to take turns with the vacuum cleaner.)

And how much dust can three engineers produce since the last time we rearranged (between 10 and 15 years ago)? You don’t want to know. (Pardon me while I sneeze.)

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