Observations of the Past Week (10/29-11/04)

The Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook haven’t quite adjusted back to Standard Time yet. But they are doing their best not to let it get them down. Even if they feel a bit old by wanting to eat dinner at 4:30.

Football is a lot like chess. If you suddenly smash all your chess pieces together in a big pile. (Oh wait, you mean there is some strategy to it? I’m talking about chess.)

Today is All Saints Day. Although not everyone was driving like a saint this morning. (Maybe those that were should get a reward for the day.)

Do you ever feel like you are just talking to yourself? Why yes I do! Thanks for asking. You’re welcome. (You look great today, by the way. Why thanks!)

November sounds so negative. Maybe we should change it to Yesvember. That’s much more positive. (Who can say no to that?)

I should be in bed but I’m up watching The Golden Girls. It’s good to be an adult. (Which seemed to be the point of the show, too. Besides making me laugh out loud, that is.)

If we are in the circle of life, why will someone say they have turned a corner? (Maybe their circles aren’t like my circles.)

Dear World, the holiday after Halloween is Thanksgiving. Not Christmas. (And don’t forget about Veterans Day, too.)

Anyone know any good possum recipes? Because I saw a couple of good candidates at the side of the road. (Bad day for possums, good day for possum eaters. Where is Aunt Eloise these days?)

Ah, Chex Mix! My friend! Or are you? I’m starting to wonder. #cantstop (At least it is high in fiber, right?)

Football practice has been moved to the gym today because of the cold, wet weather. And I am thankful. (Steve and cold weather don’t mix, apparently.)

I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 27,476,124. (I can’t believe that no one guessed the number. Which was 3. Obviously.)

Blah blah blah Friday blah blah. You can always pick up on the important words. (Everyone’s ears perk up at Friday, right?)

What? A serving size of bread is one slice? I think I just OD’ed with my 2-slice sandwich. (That is why I rarely read the nutrition information on what I eat.)

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