Observations of the Past Week (10/22-10/28)

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Observations of the Past Week. Whatever that means. Stay current on Twitter.

I just saw a Dodge Viper. You don’t see that every day. Unless you own one. Which I don’t. (But if you want to give me one, I love gifts.)

Nothing beats Laura’s homemade pizza. (The only bad thing about it: it is all gone now.)

The fog is so thick you can feel it hitting your face. (Nothing like being slapped around by fog to start your day.)

The pharmacy lady called me darlin’. (She never even called me by my name.)

After attending a funeral today I decided to have KFC for supper. Live while you can. (I thought about having Taco Bell for dessert, but I decided that might be overdoing it.)

Slow starting this morning. Guess I’m dragging my digital feet. (And don’t start trying to argue with me that my feet are analog, either.)

Plugged in my phone to charge it. Wouldn’t it be great if we had plug-in chargers for people, too? That would be cool. (Of course, I would probably accidentally leave my charger at home.)

The coyotes sounded pretty close last night. Perfect for Halloween sound effects. Except they were real. (Maybe our neighbors hired them for a haunted house or something.)

You know you don’t live in the city anymore when you are excited about a new Tractor Supply Company store being built close to your home. (It is the little things that excite us.)

You get some interesting looks when you put bags of horse grain in the trunk of your car. (Real cowboys drive trucks, apparently.)

The rain in Spain stays mainly in my brain. Or something like that. (Not that there is much of anything else on my brain.)

It is a good night for football practice. If you like it cold and damp. (Which I don’t. Which was a problem.)

Oh no! I have the theme song to The Bugaloos stuck in my head! (If you know the song, you can thank me later.)

Even if it is cold, gray and damp outside, it is still a happy Friday! (Is there such thing as a sad Friday? I don’t think so.)

The tellers at the bank know me by name. And I’m not even one of the little old men that come in there every day. (Although I may be getting closer to that.)

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