Observations of the Past Two Weeks

Yes, that’s right. The Observations got behind because of all the Thanksgiving hoopla. Which is some of the best hoopla that there is, of course. Back on schedule for now. Until the Christmas hoopla intervenes.

I had an idea. Now if I could just remember where I put it. (Still looking.)

Already lunchtime? Where is this Monday going? I would ask it to slow down, but, you know… (Poor Monday - the best thing about it is usually when it is over. Or Monday Night Football.)

We got a Thanksgiving card in the mail! Our first of the year. (And the last, as it turns out.)

Is that a giant inflatable turkey in their yard? Oh, it’s a horse. Time to put in my glasses. (Funny how glasses can make a difference.)

It’s Thanksgiving Eve! Gotta get to bed early so the Thanksgiving Turkey will bring lots of dressing! (As a follow-up, the Thanksgiving Turkey was very good to me this year.)

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget what the day is really all about. (And it should last for more than just a day, too.)

Finally watching the Macy’s parade. Why are all the performers so bad at lip synching their own songs? Embarrassing, I would think. (Is it worth the exposure to look that ridiculous?)

About to have our second Thanksgiving meal. Even though the Christmas lights are on the front porch. (Nothing like mixing a couple of holidays, is there?)

Yet another Black Friday spent not shopping. The streak continues. (That old Black Magic doesn’t work on me.)

I forget that some of the scores at the bottom of the screen are not football scores now, and I think, “Wow! High scoring game!” (I forget a lot of things, though.)

Song number 666 in the church song book rarely gets sung, for some reason. (I’m not sure why.)

For the record, it is snowing in Fayette County but melting, especially on the streets. Which I think will continue. But I’m no expert. (Turns out I was right, for what it is worth.)

Went for a drive (to the street to get the garbage can). Still no snow sticking to the street. Not that I am surprised. (Yes, it was a long drive.)

The snow has ended, but the fun has just begun. I don’t actually know what fun, really. But it sounded good. (If the fun has ended now, I am unaware.)

The stores all have their Christmas stuff out. Don’t they know that Valentine’s Day is just over 2 months away? They are behind the times! (Because they had all their Christmas stuff out before Halloween, after all.)

They are working on our parking lot this morning, so I had to walk more than 8 feet from the car to the office. Hardship. (Oh, the problems we face sometimes.)

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