Notes From Around Burnsland - October 6

Time for some more news from around the world of Burnsland!

Jaylin’s Surgery

Last Thursday, we spent much of the day sitting around in a hospital room, waiting through Jaylin’s surgery. You may remember reading about Jaylin’s knee injury in the last Notes From Around Burnsland, and that injury did turn out to be a torn ACL. He had surgery to repair it, and has spent this week recovering. What a way to spend your fall break week, right? But it worked out well so that neither he nor Laura would have to miss much school, so that’s a good thing.

And recovery will take quite a while, according to the doctor. Full recovery could be 9 to 12 months, actually, so it is a long road ahead. The good thing was that during the surgery, the doctor found that he didn’t need to do any repair to Jaylin’s meniscus. Apparently, they can’t tell that much about that, even from an MRI. So that was good news!

Jaylin still has a good bit of pain, and some pain pills, but we can see that the swelling is already going down some, so healing is already underway. He still says he will be back on the football field next year, so he isn’t letting an injury keep him down. As a parent, I know that is a good thing, but I’m sure we will also hold our breath each time he is out on the field. Because that is what parents do.

Jaylin’s Costume

The week at school leading up to fall break (and Jaylin’s surgery) was Homecoming Week, which meant that they did a lot of fun things in addition to taking a few tests here and there. One of the Homecoming dress-up days was all about characters from Disney Channel or Nickelodeon television shows, so here was Jaylin’s costume:


I’m sure you can tell that he is dressed as Mickey Mouse. Who is a bigger Disney Channel star than Mickey Mouse? And who watches Nickelodeon shows, anyway?

We were delighted to hear that Jaylin’s costume won first place for all of Middle School! He said there were a few other Mickey Mouse costumes, but I think his had the advantage of having the right hands, feet, buttons on his shorts, and even a tail, which you can’t see here. Yay for having a bunch of random stuff at home, because this was a “last minute the night before” costume. And believe it or not, we didn’t have any “official” Mickey Mouse ears in the house, at least not any that we could find, so Laura just made some quick ones using construction paper and a headband, and that did the trick.

This was also the day before Jaylin’s knee surgery, so that made a nice way to end the school week before the not-as-fun surgery stuff started.



Fall is starting to arrive, and the leaves are starting to change colors around here. But that may be due more to a lack of rain than to the change of seasons. We did have a cool spell for a few days, but largely it has been really warm around here, especially for early fall.

However, the grass has slowed down in its growing, so it seems that grass cutting season is just about over. No complaints here. And besides, it gets dark so much earlier at night now that there really isn’t time to cut grass once I get home, anyway.

It is always cool to see the seasons change around here, showing God’s work through nature.

Until Next Time…

That’s it for the news from around here for now. Hope things are going well where you are, too. Keep in touch.

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