Notes from Around Burnsland - December 2016

Here are the latest happenings from around the land of Burns! This time of year always brings around holiday events of different kinds, so here are a few highlights.

Jaylin’s Chorus Concert

Jaylin in the Chorus Concert

Jaylin was in the Harding Academy Chorus Concert last week. Of course, he wasn’t all by himself, because a chorus implies that there is more than jut one person. He sang with the school’s junior high chorus, and you can see him second from left on the top row here. They really sounded good, as did the other 7th grade and senior high choruses. It was a nice concert, even if it did have us out a little late on a school night. Nothing new there for us, actually.

And even though this is Jaylin’s first full year in the chorus, this wasn’t his first concert. You may remember reading about the All-Southwest Chorus tryouts in the November Notes, and you may also remember seeing our family photo after that Honor Choir concert in the Thanksgiving 2016 post. So as you may guess, Jaylin is doing well with the chorus. And he seems to enjoy it, too.

Laura’s School Program

You may also remember from the November Notes that Laura had a school program at the end of October. Last week, the other Harding Academy Lower School Location had it’s program, and this one had a Christmas theme. Once again, Laura was in charge, which involved coming up with songs for each class to sing, writing new words to some songs in some occasions, coming up with all of the choreography, and of course teaching the children the songs and then directing it all. And just as with the other program, this one was a big success. I managed to find a rather high perspective for the program, and I captured this photo from near the end while I was up there. That high perspective may or may not have involved climbing up a ladder, moving a ceiling tile, and jumping up into an unfinished balcony space. It was fun for me, but it probably isn’t for everyone.

Jaylin’s Band Concert

Jaylin in the band concert

Jaylin once again took to the stage in the Harding Academy band concert. You can barely see part of his head in this photo if you know where to look, but it isn’t worth trying to explain it because you really can’t see enough of him to know it is him, so don’t try looking too hard. But he is there, playing his trombone. And once again, the concert was good. This is also Jaylin’s first full year in the band, but because he was in the rotation band that all 7th graders had to take for one quarter last year, he was able to move on into the junior band this year. He has made lots of progress as the year has gone on, too.

Someone must have squirted a little water in my eyes or something during this one, as I sat there remembering all the fun that I had while I was in the band, playing in concerts on that same stage, some of them even with that same trombone. I had lots of good experiences in the band, and it helped to make me who I am today. It was also a great place to meet girls, or one girl in particular. So there we were, two former band students, sitting at the band concert where our band student child was playing.

It’s the circle, the circle of life, Simba.

I don’t know if Jaylin will stay in band or chorus all through high school, but he does have a bit of talent for each one, if he chooses to pursue either of them. Who knows what the future holds?

Everything Else

All of those above events were actually during one week, by the way. Funny how everyone schedules everything for the same time in December. One of the many joys of the holiday season. But we survived just fine.

Otherwise, all is going along just fine. Jaylin is recovering nicely from the surgery to repair his torn ACL, although he still has a good bit of recovery and physical therapy ahead of him.

Laura is enjoying her new position this year, and I think she probably feels a little relieved after having the two programs behind her, although there is plenty more coming for next semester. I’m not sure who is looking forward to the Christmas break more, Laura or Jaylin. Or maybe me, because I will get to sleep a little later in the morning, too.

Here’s hoping that you and your family are having as much of a fun Christmas season as we are! Check back soon for more fun updates from our lives!

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