New Paint in the Bedroom

New Paint and More!

New paint adorns our bedroom walls. And there are some other new things in there, too. Plus, I finally took a new photo.

New paint adorns our bedroom walls. And there are some other new things in there, too.

Over spring break, Laura repainted our bedroom walls, bathroom walls, and ceilings in both rooms. I helped where I could, too. We changed the walls from a lighter green to a deeper green. You can see the old color in this photo of Laura. In fact, in some light, the new color almost looks blue, especially when compared to the previous wall color. But I still say the new color is green.

We have been changing things up a bit lately. Last year, we replaced the carpet with a new wood floor. We recently got some new furniture pieces in the bedroom. A new quilt is on our bed. And then we swapped beds with Jaylin, which was a bit of an adventure in itself.

Yes, this bed is as high off the floor as it looks. You almost have to jump to get in it. This was the bed that Laura slept in when she was growing up, and it has been in her family for some time. I think it took Jaylin a little time to adjust to the lower bed just like it did for me and the higher bed. But it is all good.

Change is nice sometimes.

And for another look, here is a panoramic view that I took with my phone. Pretty cool what technology can do these days!

Back At It

You may have noticed that before today I have not posted any new photos in a while. There is a good reason for that. And that reason is that I have not taken any photos. Shocking, I know.

The time from when I took my previous last photos until I took the photos of the bedroom (I always take several just to make sure I get what I want, even though I only post one) was exactly one month. From the last snow photos on February 19 to this bedroom photo on March 19.

Four weeks is a long time for me not to pick up my camera. But life had been busy with everything that has been going on, and there had not been much to take photos of anyway. Fall colors are nice, and so is winter snow. But dead grass and trees without any snow on them is not quite as nice. So I did not get out my camera.

Fortunately, the new paint on the walls spurred me into action. And I have at least one or two other things to photograph soon, too.

If you have been tired of the drawing posts lately (I have not been tired of them, but you might), hang in there! More photos are coming!

Bible Verse

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. - Colossians 3:14

About the Photo

This photo very much benefitted from processing in Luminar AI. Even with the table lamps on and the blinds open, parts of the photo looked rather dark. I did not want to turn on the lights in the ceiling fan and wash everything out. With Luminar, I was able to lighten up the shadows a good bit while keeping the highlights under control and also keeping the wall color looking close to how it looks in person. I keep thinking that one of these days I will write more about Luminar AI, adding it to the collection of posts in Steve’s Photography Tips. It does well for my needs.

Photo: A single Raw exposure processed in Luminar AI. Read more about photography tips, photo software, camera gear, and more at Steve’s Photography Tips.
Camera: Sony Alpha A7 II
Lens: Sony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens
Date: March 19, 2021
Location: Home, WillistonTennessee

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