New Artwork for Beyond the Berm

Welcome to this week’s Art Corner Friday post! After posting new artwork the past two Fridays, I decided to make this a semi-regular thing. In other words, don’t expect new artwork every Friday, but I’ll do what I can. Now on to the art:

Today’s artwork is a new header graphic for the Beyond the Berm website. What is Beyond the Berm? It is an occasional podcast where Matt Walker and I discuss all sorts of topics, but mostly Disney stuff. Theme parks, movies, television shows, runDisney events, Disney cruises, and some other stuff, too. You never know what we will discuss. We usually don’t know what we will discuss, either, because we don’t compare notes before we record our podcast episodes.

I was thinking that the Beyond the Berm website itself was looking a bit bland, so I decided to add a little bit of a human element to it. Well actually, a cartoonish human element. If you don’t know, that’s me on the left and Matt on the right. Apparently, I talk with my hands quite a bit, as you can see. Even if no one is there to see me talking with my hands.

This artist’s rendering of our conversations isn’t 100% accurate, by the way. We usually have headphones on for conversing with each other over the telephone, and we each have microphones to record our part of the conversation, which is then mixed together later on. And I also didn’t draw all of the usual clutter on my computer desk, too. You’re welcome.

Come on over and give Beyond the Berm a listen!

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