Negril Beach in Jamaica

Negril Beach in Jamaica

This week’s beach photo goes all the way back to 2008. We were in Jamaica with a group from our church for a mission trip. On one afternoon, we drove over to the beach at Negril for a little relaxing time before heading back to Vacation Bible School that evening at the church we were working with.

As you can see, it was quite cloudy while we were there, and in fact it even rained a good bit of the time. But we were going to be wet anyway from being in the water, so some rain drops didn’t hurt us any.

Recently, I had seen different people talking about upcoming trips to Jamaica to some of the all-inclusive resorts that are there. And there is nothing wrong with that, I suppose. But I have great memories of the “real” Jamaica, some of the non-tourist parts of the island. But more than the beaches, I remember the people that live there. And I was interested to see just how different things are there than they are here. Similar in some ways, but different in many other ways.

It’s a big world out there. And sometimes it is good to see other parts of it, too.

About the photo:
A single RAW exposure, processed in Photoshop. Read more about the photo software and gear I use at the camera gear page.
Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT (see, I told you this was an old photo!)
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm

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