The Most Popular Burnsland Posts for 2017

Each December as the year draws to a close, we stop to take a look back at which posts here at the Burnsland website were the most popular with our readers.

As with each year, for the purposes of this list “most popular” is determined by the number of views each post received. Also, only posts published in 2017 are included in this list.

So here are the most popular posts from 2017, ordered from 10 to 1. Check them out for the first time, or give them another look!

10. Night Train at Walt Disney World

We took a trip to Walt Disney World in December 2016, and most of the photos from that trip were shared here on the Burnsland website in 2017. So you will see several of those in this list. I really liked the nighttime atmosphere in these photos of one of my favorite Magic Kingdom attractions, the Walt Disney World Railroad. Apparently, other people felt the same way.

9. Art of Animation Christmas Tree at Walt Disney World

This cool view from the lobby of the Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World featured lots of interesting colors and shapes. And it included a Christmas Tree, too. Pretty eye-catching, I think.

8. A Visit from Old Man Winter

A surprise non-Disney entry into the list! We got a little bit of snow in January. So of course I had to document it with photos and share them here. Maybe not mounds and mounds of snow like some places up north get, but it was plenty for us.

7. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World

This retro-style look at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of my favorite views of the attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. I like the perspective looking up through the trees. And the aged colors give it a unique look.

6. Walking Through Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World

At various times, I like to experiment with different looks for some of my photos. To me, these photos of Cinderella Castle had the look of the old black and white publicity photos that Disney used to use. I thought they turned out well.

5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Through the year, I worked on enhancing the sky in my photos, particularly if there were clouds involved. This was one of those efforts, and it really turned out well. Also in this post was a cool “you are there” photo, and a nice family photo, too.

4. Italy in Epcot at Walt Disney World at Night

One of the nice things about going to Walt Disney World in December is that there are more nighttime hours than if you go during the summer. These photos in this post capture well that nighttime feeling of one of the picturesque World Showcase pavilions in Epcot.

3. Veterans Day 2017

Surprise again! It’s another non-Disney entry. I really liked how these photos of my grandfather’s World War II Marine coat turned out, and I was happy to share them on Veterans Day. I am always thankful for those who have served and are serving now.

2. Dinosaur Gertie in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World

The most popular posts and my favorite posts do not always line up (see below), but in this case they do. I really loved the evening atmosphere of this photo of Dinosaur Gertie in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There is also a daytime photo in the post, but this nighttime view is definitely the winner.

1. Crossroads of the World at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is one of those photos that to me is “just right,” and I am happy to have it at the top of this list of popular posts. The sunlight coming from behind the palm tree, the people milling around through the area, the beautiful blue sky - what’s not to love here? It looks like a perfect day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Just the kind of thing that makes me want to go again.

But Wait…

So that is the list of the most popular posts of 2017 here at the Burnsland website. However, those popular posts are not always quite my favorite posts. Check back soon for that list to see how they compare!

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