Leave Santa Alone

Dear Best Buy,

You know your commercials about Santa? Of course you do. You are the ones that made them, after all. But if for some reason you don’t, let me remind you. Someone goes into a Best Buy store and finds some great deals. Then they go home and wait up for Santa, showing him that the gifts they got are even better than what Santa is bringing. And they let him know in a rather mean-spirited way.

So, Best Buy, let me just add that in general you are one of my favorite places to go in and just browse. I can always find something interesting there, even if I don’t always buy it.

But let me caution you that this year you might find yourself on Santa’s naughty list. After all, Santa Claus is Santa Claus. What could be worse than being mean to Santa? I wouldn’t dream of it, personally. I try my best to stay on his good side.

I haven’t talked to Santa personally about this. But I have talked to several friends, and they all seem to feel the same way. Messing with Santa is never a good thing. In these days of heightened awareness about all forms of bullying, why would you want to pick on such a nice guy as Santa? He definitely doesn’t deserve it. And who wants to shop at a bully store?

I am sure the last thing you need, Best Buy, is one more person telling you how to run your business. So just consider this a friendly suggestion from me to you.

Best wishes, Best Buy. And I hope Santa doesn’t leave you a great big lump of coal for your efforts.


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