Leave My Fries Alone

The other day, I heard a news story that grabbed my interest. Apparently, there is a McDonald’s restaurant in the Olympic Park in London for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games. And apparently, this McDonald’s is causing a bit of controversy.

According to the story, some people think that McDonald’s is not an appropriate sponsor for the Olympics. I guess that has something to do with the nutritional value of the food at McDonald’s. And I will agree that if you are training for the pole vault or the hurdles, or even for floor gymnastics, then a Big Mac from McDonald’s is probably not on your list of approved foods.

However, where I come from, McDonald’s is good food. Maybe not always good for you. But good. Because “good” and “good for you” don’t usually go together when people are talking about food. And on top of being good, McDonald’s is usually consistent, too. By that, I mean that if you go get a Quarter Pounder here or somewhere else, it is usually pretty much the same. Which I like.

I’m not sure exactly who these people are who are complaining about McDonald’s being at the Olympics, but here is what I have to say to them: Leave My Fries Alone!

Yes, a Value Meal from McDonald’s may not be on the top of the list for what you want to eat. But just in case you didn’t notice, no one is making you eat it.

And on top of that, you don’t even have to pay a tax if you choose not to eat it.

Yes, good nutrition is a good thing. And so is moderation. But so is the right to choose.

If I want a Big Mac and medium fries, then that is what I want. If it isn’t what you want, you shouldn’t try to take away everyone else’s right to choose.

Because if I just won the gold medal in Beach Volleyball, then I just might want to celebrate with my friends Hamburglar, Grimace, and Mayor McCheese.